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The first animation shows the growth and retreat of ice over a period of thousands of years during the last glaciation. The ice is shown covering a bay in the Isles of Scilly. It was made to be used in a documentary film by the Climate Change Consortium of Wales and Britice Chrono.

This second video is an animated graphic showing how a glacier is thought to grow and retreat. It was made to be used in a documentary film by the Climate Change Consortium of Wales and Britice Chrono.

The videos will complement existing teaching delivered at Level 3 by staff within the Department of Geography and Earth Science. Together, these modules deal with the landform and sedimentary evidence of former ice sheets, and the fundamental processes in contemporary glacier systems. The key learning outcomes from these modules include:

• Evaluate and define the concept of palaeoglaciology and its global and scientific significance 
• Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of palaeoglaciology and the fundamentals of ice sheet reconstruction 
• Identify key glacial landforms and their palaeoglaciological significance 
• Assess the landforms and sedimentary criteria applicable to interpreting Quaternary and older glacial successions 
• Evaluate the full range of glacier types and thermal regimes of former ice sheets 
• Describe the physical relationships between climate change and ice- mass response. 
• Characterise processes of glacier motion and the relationships between that motion and (a) the structural form of ice masses, and (b) the transport and delivery of sediments by ice masses. 
• Illustrate the functioning of glaciers as hydrological systems, able to act as distinctive water stores and able to release that water into their surrounding environments.

Made to be used on “The Last Ice Sheet” (Working title) by Climate Change Consortium of Wales (a collaborative programme of 4 Welsh Universities, including Aberystwyth & Bangor) and Britice Chrono (NERC research project into ice sheet decay with 50 UK researchers, many of whom come from Bangor & Aberystwyth Universities)

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Multiple versions – small standalone OLO for Undergraduates, longer production for UK communities living within the research survey area.
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