How to Edit Using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

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CADARN's five-part series on the basics of editing using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. The videos contained in this playlist can be found here:

  • Part 1: - This video concentrates on setting up a project and importing media.
  • Part 2: - This video covers building a story structure, syncing sound, and how to adjust a clip's properties such as scale and speed.
  • Part 3: - This video covers the latter stages of editing, looking at how to add titles, transitions, and video effects.
  • Part 4: - This video looks at how to deal with your audio, including how to add transitions and adjust volume. It also introduces the audio mixer and audio effects.
  • Part 5: - This video looks at how to turn your edit into a video file, a process known as "exporting".

To download the clips used in the series so you can follow along, click here:

To download the individual tutorial videos visit the album on Vimeo,

Credit for the piece of music we use: "Misunderstood" by 3lb3r3th. Source: Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (3.0):

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