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The following are links we kept within the Principles of Production section, now replaced by the Lights, Camera, Education! course;


JISC Digital A comprehensive guide to planning your video production by Jisc Digital Media

BBC A wealth of articles and videos on producing media. A lot of the materials are useful at a basic level, but you do need to do some digging. Start by looking at the Journalism > Skills section

Moving Image Education Although aimed at younger people, this is a good guide to the basic principles of production, step by step

VideoMaker Another good guide to video production for beginners

Vimeo Vimeo’s own collection of videos covering a lot of the basics of video production. They’re OK if you can get on with their “fun” style of delivery

Phillip Bloom Philip Bloom’s collection of videos on DSLR shooting, made in partnership with Vimeo

Fenchel Janisch A collection of videos tutorials on basic film-making techniques, mainly for DSLR shooting. Appropriate for someone looking to up their skills a bit

Lynda If you’re willing to pay, this is one of the best training websites out there for creative skills. They even have a section on using technology in education

BBC The BBC’s editorial guidelines, covering everything from impartial reporting to language and permissions

JISC Legal Guidelines on the legal aspects of recording lectures

Berkeley Film School A great collection of further links on film-making for you to explore

Example Resource

The Flexible Feedback Project - A good example of using video in education from Derby University.

Spinning Disk Trick - An engaging educational video seeking to answer a Physics-related conundrum. Part of a big collection of similar videos by Veritasium.

Hans Rosling's The Joy of Stats - An inspiring example of how something dry can be made exciting using animated graphics.

The Magnetic Force Between Two Wires - An example of how not to make educational resources!

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