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The CADARN Learning Portal has provided its partners with a wide range of production equipment, from podcast microphones to HD video cameras and editing software. On this page you will find information on each equipment, as well as tips on how to use and look after them. The kit falls into the following categories:

You will also find information on how to bundle different bits of equipment together for different uses. In addition, you can find out what your institution has and how to book it.


Go Pro Hero

Action camera: GoPro Hero3+ Black

The GoPro is a tough, tiny camera with a super-wide angle lens designed to capture point-of-view and action shots. It comes with a range of attachments that allow it to be fixed to anything from a cycle helmet to an egg timer.

Production Resources
  • Canon Legria Mini

    Basic camera: Canon Legria Mini

    The Canon Legria Mini is an easy-to-use HD camcorder designed for simple videos like video blogs. It has a super-wide angle lens for capturing all the action with the option to zoom in to a more medium shot.

    Included in bundles
    Basic Video Kit Bundle
    Production Resources
  • Canon 700D

    DSLR camera: Canon EOS 700D

    The EOS 700D is a DSLR camera that takes both photos and video and is suited to more creative projects. It offers very high image quality and everything you’d want to manually control your picture, including the ability to change lenses.

    Included in bundles
    Creative Video Kit Bundle
    JVC GY-HM150E

    High-spec camera: JVC GY-HM150E

    The HM150 is a semi-professional HD video camera designed to meet a wide range of filming needs. It has all the buttons, terminals, and menu options you’d want on a camera to take full control of both picture and sound.


    Zoom H2

    Audio recorder: Zoom H2N

    The H2N is a portable sound recording device that has its own built-in mics (five of them) and can also be connected up to external mics via 3.5mm mini jack.

    Rode Mini Boom

    Boom pole: RØDE Boompole

    This two-meter long boompole is for positioning your microphone as close as possible to the sound source during filming.

    Included in bundles
    Documentary Kit Bundle
    Rode Video Mic

    DSLR on-board mic: RØDE VideoMic Pro

    A small directional shotgun mic, the VideoMic is designed to improve audio recording capabilities on camcorders and DSLR cameras. It picks up sound only from the direction it’s pointing, cutting out unwanted noise from the surroundings.

    Included in bundles
    Creative Video Kit Bundle
    Bayerdynamic Headset

    Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 190

    These Beyerdynamic headphones are designed for live broadcast situations that require sound monitoring and communication, such as commentating at sports events. They cover your ears and cut out external sounds.

    PG2 Shock Mounted Pistol Grip

    Microphone shock mount: RØDE PG2 Shock Mounted Pistol Grip

    The PG2 is a professional solution for mounting a shotgun microphone. The shock mount isolates the mic so that it doesn’t pick up handling noise, and the pistol grip allows you to either handhold the mic or fix it to the end of a mic stand or boompole.

    Rode Windshield

    Microphone windshield: RØDE WS6 Deluxe Windshield

    This windshield is designed to significantly cut down wind noise. We recommend that it’s used at all times when recording sound outdoors, as even light breezes can ruin your audio. It fits the RØDE NTG-2, and works in tandem with the PG2 mount.

    Included in bundles
    Documentary Kit Bundle
    Rode NTG2

    Shotgun mic: RØDE NTG-2

    The NTG-2 is a directional shotgun mic designed to be mounted on a camera, a handheld grip, or a boompole. It picks up sound only from the direction it’s pointing, cutting out unwanted noise from the surroundings.

    Included in bundles
    Documentary Kit Bundle
    Rode Podcaster

    Voice-over mic: RØDE Podcaster

    The Podcaster is designed for voice recording in a studio or office environment. It records directly on to your computer via USB cable, and is powered via this cable as well. Although not particularly sensitive, it’s best not to handhold the mic.

    Included in bundles
    Audio Podcast Kit Bundle
    Rode Lavalier

    Wired interview mic: RØDE Lavalier microphone

    The RØDE Lavalier is a tiny, clip-on lapel mic designed for interviews and other such situations.

    Seinheiser Radio Microphone

    Wireless interview mic: Sennheiser EW112p G3 Radio Microphone Kit

    This Sennheiser wireless lavalier kit delivers high-quality audio and is designed for  interviews and other such situations.

    Accessories & Miscellaneous

    chroma key

    Chroma key kit: Reflecmedia RM7221 set

    The Reflecmedia chroma key set allows you to shoot against a green or blue backdrop that can be removed during post production, a process commonly referred to as “greenscreen” or “bluescreen”.

    Limelight LED Lamp

    Lighting kit: Bowens Limelight Mosaic set

    These daylight-coloured LED lights are very easy to use and designed to improve the look of your shots in a controlled, indoor environment.

    Gorilla Pod

    Mini tripods: GorillaPod SLR Zoom & Original

    The GorillaPod mini tripods give flexible support to a range of smaller cameras. They have legs that bend and grip, allowing you to position and attach your camera in a wide range of places, from a tree branch to a rocky seashore.

    Sound Recording Booth

    Sound recording booth: DB1 Demountable Booth

    This sound booth offers an acoustically-treated space that cuts out most noise from outside for recording high-quality audio. Inside, there’s a little desk for placing your script, mic, and recording device as well as two plugs providing mains power.

    SLIK Tripod

    Tripod: Slik 504QFII

    This basic Slik tripod is for adding stability to your shot, either when taking photos or shooting video. With practice it will also allow you to film some smooth camera moves, such as pans and tilts, as it simulates the effect of a professional fluid head.

    Podcast Kit

    Audio Podcast Kit Bundle

    This bundle is for voice-overs and audio podcasts recorded in a controlled indoor space. It’s easy to use and gives good quality audio.

    Basic Video

    Basic Video Kit Bundle

    This bundle is for basic videos such as a video blog. It is quick and easy to use.

    Creative Kit Bundle

    Creative Video Kit Bundle

    This flexible bundle is designed for a fast-moving and creative shoot that gives priority to visuals over audio. Any video shot with this bundle will probably require a good amount of time in post production.

    Documentary Kit Bundle

    Documentary Kit Bundle

    This bundle is designed for dynamic documentary shooting. It offers a great deal of flexibility, allowing you to capture high-quality sound and images in various environments and situations. Any video shot with this bundle will probably require a good amount of time in post production.

    Interview Kit Bundle

    Sit-down Interview Kit Bundle

    This bundle is for sit-down interviews in a controlled studio environment. It gives high quality images and sound.

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