Welcome to production! Explore this section of the website for information on producing educational media. Find out what production tools and spaces CADARN has provided your institution and access a growing number of resources on how to use each piece of kit. See what upcoming workshops and “parachute sessions” we have planned and review our past events. Read our blogs, which document the learnings we’re gaining on our own productions. Download documents that will help you with your productions. And get in touch to set up a surgery time, when the CADARN production team will be happy to answer any questions you have about the making of educational media.

We are working continually to add content to this section of the website. So watch this space for everything from new kit videos and infographics to inspiring examples of open educational media and useful links to production guides made by other organisations.

The Team

The CADARN production team is based in Aberystwyth and includes Lizi Hesling, Amy Daniel, and Matt Cawte. As a team, our work is to promote the production of educational media. We’re doing this in a number of ways, including advising on the production equipment provided by CADARN, producing materials on how to use this kit as well as how to make videos, sharing learnings and training materials, giving workshops and trainings, and collaborating with individual academic staff on their productions.

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How to Use the Canon EOS 700D

The CADARN Learning Portal


Recording Sound on Location

The CADARN Learning Portal

Create Educational Media


CADARN has provided each of its partners with a wide range of production tools and spaces, from microphones and cameras to sound booths and editing software. Explore this page to find out what your institution has and how to make a booking.

Read brief introductions to each piece of kit as well as recommendations on how to bundle equipment for various types of production. And find links to useful resources, including the manufacturer’s manuals and CADARN’s own kit videos and infographics.

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Lights, Camera, Education!

“Lights, Camera, Education!” is a free online course that will teach you how to make your own educational media. It offers a thorough introduction to the principles of production while also encouraging students to put theory into practice.

The course was created for academics and staff at CADARN’s partner institutions, but is open to anyone who wants to take part. The focus is on video production, but no matter what kind of media you want to make, we hope it will give you the skills and inspiration you need to start your production journey.

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Video Editor

We have partnered with WeVideo to bring teaching staff in our partnership access to a cloud based video editing tool. One of the key factors that led to our choosing this tool is its ease of use for beginners but ability to achieve professional results.

At present this feature is only be available to users registered as teaching staff on the CADARN Learning Portal.

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