International Politics and Military History

For as long as there has been war, people have been
fascinated by the history of how those wars have been
fought, why and by whom. This degree scheme provides
an opportunity for an in-depth study of warfare as it has
developed since the time of Napoleon, reflecting changes
in society and technology. For example, how and why
has the nature of war changed, from nations in arms
through the age of total war to wars of choice? How has
technology changed war, from steam through nuclear
power to computers and nano-technology? Students
taking this degree will also learn about how war has been
studied and about the evolution of key ideas about the
nature and conduct of war: the principles of war, the role
of battle, the importance of leadership and the power of
industry. The focus of Military History at Aberystwyth is on
the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and it is placed in
the context of the international political world.

  1. 3 year(s)
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  1. Starts: 2018

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