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The School of Art at Aberystwyth University provides a general survey of Art History as well as the specialised and in-depth study of specific subjects. The BA Single Honours program offers you the rare opportunity to combine the historical, curatorial and (for those who wish) the practical study of art. Core and optional modules cover a period from the Renaissance to present day, with complementary modules dedicated to the historical study of particular Fine Art mediums, exhibition curation, artefact interpretation, and the management of art. Art History students benefit from access to the School’s Museum and its internationally renowned collection of artworks.

Art History at Aberystwyth is taught by scholars who are practicing historians, artists and curators. This ensures that the study of the discipline is intimately related to and immediately informed by the expertise and experiences of topics under discussion. As versatile and articulate graduates, you will be able to pursue careers as art historians, educators and curators, or continue to postgraduate studies. Our degree scheme is particularly appropriate for students considering work in museums, private galleries and auction houses, in public art organisations, or in art gallery administration. You will emerge with real world capabilities, enabling you to shape your future and develop the career you deserve.

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