Production of educational media key to choosing degree and forming opinion of University


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Nearly two thirds (63%) of graduates* believe that if a university creates educational media as one of many teaching methods, this would strongly or slightly improve their opinion of that university. Only 4% said it would decrease their opinion of such institutions. The research** is published by The CADARN Learning Portal, which supports and stimulates the production of online and open educational resources.

Tom Bartlett, project manager, The CADARN Learning Portal, comments: “In recent years, Universities have been operating in an increasingly competitive environment with most adopting a very business orientated way of operating. The recent result of the EU referendum will further fuel this need to remain competitive - not just within Wales and the UK but globally. We believe producing and providing educational media is one element Universities can explore in order to find that competitive edge and our recent survey supports this very strongly.”

Three quarters of those questioned (74%) believe introductory videos about different degree courses would be useful in deciding where to study.  Furthermore, the second most popular element (90%) in helping them decide where to study was cited as video specifically made to explain a specific topic or concept; preceded only by the university’s website (94%).

Tom continues: “While keeping a competitive edge is important, sharing best practice and resources could help higher education institutions combat the restraints that time and money place on them in developing such resources in the first place. Our aim is to continue and help encourage this production even further.”

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*Graduates from 1960s to 2010s

**CADARN surveyed 156 people across the UK in April 2016.

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