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The Learning Portal project entered a new phase this month with the employment of a team of three media specialists. This team will assist partners' staff in producing educational resources for use in their teaching and to educate and inspire visitors to the portal. They will start by producing some guides to the equipment that has been funded by the project, but then will visit partners to produce materials locally, and to support and train local staff in production skills and techniques. The team consists of Lizi Hesling, Educational Media Producer, who will lead and co-ordinate the team; Matt Cawte, Computer Animator; and Russ Basford, Audio-Visual Technician. So far the new staff have been familiarising themselves with the project and the equipment available to partners. Here is a little more about their roles and backgrounds. 

Lizi Hesling

Lizi’s role is to help promote the use of technology and media in teaching by not only producing quality educational resources for the project’s partners, but also by encouraging and training educators to enhance the learning of their students by creating their own resources. Lizi is new to the world of higher education, but is enthusiastically diving into pedagogy with a keen eye on what and how educational resources can be used to boost teaching and learning. Coming from a news and documentary background, Lizi has skills as a producer, videographer and film editor. She has only just moved to Aberystwyth after having spent two years in Bristol freelancing as a production manager and editor. Prior to living in Bristol, she spent 12 years in China, where, amongst other things, she worked at China Central Television as a news editor and at Greenpeace as their video producer for the region. She speaks fluent Mandarin and is keen to start on Welsh!

Lizi says:

“It seems to me that there’s a revolution going on in higher education – by making use of the Internet and offering different ways of learning via different mediums, higher education is democratising, reaching wider audiences and crossing borders as never before. The Cadarn project is part of this revolution, and I want my contribution to help make teaching more effective, inspiring educators and learners alike.”

Matt Cawte

With a background in 3D computer graphics and music technology, Matt has worked in the animation industry for 13 years. After completing his BSc in Software Systems for the Arts and Media, Matt started out creating characters and environments for the computer games industry in London. He has since moved to more rural pastures and worked on animations for a variety of customers such as architects, engineers, heritage companies and also Aberystwyth University. With a passion for new technology and learning new techniques in the digital world, Matt enjoys all aspects of creating audio/visual projects. In his spare time, Matt is either making electronic music or riding through the Welsh hills on his bike.

Matt says:

“My role is to help realise the production of media for learning through techniques such as animation, video editing, and sound production. I have always wanted to learn more about using digital techniques for teaching and learning, and I can’t wait to use my skills to help staff to teach and students to learn.”

Russ Basford

Russ’s role is to provide expertise and support on the operation of the project’s audio-visual equipment and digital productions. Before joining the team, Russ established a multimedia business in the Midlands that produced video, web and design solutions for a range of clients. More recently, he’s worked in the Theatre, Film and TV Department at Aberystwyth University where he worked closely with staff and students as a Media Technician. Russ is a self-confessed Apple fan, a bit of a technophile, and loves nothing more than getting his hands on a new piece of creative equipment or software to play with! He enjoys watching films of all genres (especially at the cinema), listening to music, playing squash, running, and going on walks with his dog.

Russ says:

“Online learning is such an exciting venture. I’m continually amazed by the wealth of information and flexible learning resources available and I’m thrilled to be working with Tom, his team, and the project partners, producing content for the Cadarn Learning Portal.”

Photos: Johanna Westwood/ Lizi Hesling/ Matt Cawte / Russ Basford, Cadarn Learning Portal, published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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