Our Team and Partners

Tom Bartlett face

Tom Bartlett

Learning Portal Manager

Tom leads and supports the Portal team, liaises and negotiates with our stakeholders and is responsible for ensuring the team delivers our objectives. Tom has a varied background and draws on previous experience as a company director and software engineer. "I believe that new technologies are enabling new teaching practices and make possible more open and diverse education for all, and this is where we come in. The CADARN Learning Portal supports staff development in open media and uses the resources consequently created to promote higher education in Wales to the world."

Daniel Pullin face

Daniel Pullin

Web Developer

Dan’s role as the lead developer of the CADARN learning portal is to delivering a robust and quality web experience to all partners and stakeholders. He is involved in research, development and implementation of the project and is a graduate of Internet Computing from Aberystwyth University.

Lizi Hesling face

Lizi Hesling

Educational Media Producer

Lizi’s role is to help promote the use of technology and media in teaching by not only producing quality educational resources for the project’s partners, but also by encouraging and training educators to enhance the learning of their students by creating their own resources.

Matt Cawte face

Matt Cawte

Computer Animator

With a background in 3D computer graphics and music technology, Matt has worked in the animation industry for 13 years. With a passion for new technology and learning new techniques in the digital world, Matt enjoys all aspects of creating audio/visual projects.

Amy Daniel face

Amy Daniel

Audio Visual and Multimedia Technician

Amy’s role is to provide expertise and support on the operation of the project’s audio-visual equipment and digital productions. After studying in the Theatre, Film and Television Department at Aberystwyth University, Amy worked as a freelance film maker and film coach in London, as well as on projects abroad in Israel and Brazil.


Institutional Contacts

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