Bachelor of Arts

An undergraduate academic degree awarded to a student typically after three to four years of studying.

Bachelor of Engineering

An undergraduate academic degree awarded to a student typically after three to five years of studying.

Refers to a mixing of different learning environments. It combines traditional face to face classroom methods with computer mediated activities.

Bachelor of Science

An undergraduate academic degree awarded to a student typically after three to five years of studying.

Collaborating and Developing Across Regional Networks

Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Departments in universities set up to provide staff with support in the enhancement of learning and teaching.

Loosely translates as “Welsh national college” an organisation which aims to increase, develop and broaden the range of Welsh medium study opportunities at universities in Wales, and has branches at each higher education institution in Wales.

Using technology to enhance learning.

A title which graduates may use once they have obtained their doctorate of philosophy.

Foundation Degrees

A vocational qualification in higher education, intended to give a basic knowledge of a subject to enable the student to go on to employment or further study. They are often offered by universities and further education colleges working in partnership.

Further education

Post-compulsory education for learners over 16. Primarily taught in further education colleges, work-based learning, and adult and community learning institutions.

The Welsh Government’s higher education strategy. Its twin priorities for higher education in Wales are to support a buoyant economy and deliver social justice.

Feedback on students' performance, designed to help them learn more effectively and find ways to maintain and improve their progress. Does not count towards final degree mark.

Future Directions for Higher Education in Wales

The quality enhancement programme of work, led by the Higher Education Academy in Wales.

Loosely translates as “enhancement” - often used to refer to the Higher Education Academy led ‘Gwella’ project aiming to enhance learning and teaching through technology.

Higher education in further education

Higher education courses delivered by further education colleges.

Higher Education Academy

a national and independent organisation, funded by the four UK HE funding bodies and by subscriptions and grants to support the higher education community in order to enhance the quality and impact of learning and teaching through recognising and rewarding excellent teaching, bringing together people and resources to research and share best practice, and by helping to influence, shape and implement policy.

Higher Education Funding Council for Wales

Funded by the Welsh Government to distribute funding for higher education to organisations and institutions in Wales.

Higher education institution

Bodies that deliver higher education – universities and higher education colleges.

Joint Information Systems Committee

The UK’s expect body on information and digital technologies for education and research.

Joint Information Systems Committee Regional Support Centre Wales

Supports the development of e-learning and the use of technology across all post-16 education and skills sectors in Wales.

Learning and teaching

what it says on the tin!

Master of Arts

A postgraduate academic master’s degree.

Massive open online courses

Classes that are taught online to large numbers of students, with minimal involvement by teaching staff.

Master of Research

A postgraduate academic master’s degree, undertaken by research.

Master of Science

A postgraduate academic master’s degree.

National Student Survey

A national survey which asks final year undergraduates for feedback on their courses and other parts of their student experience.

National Union of Students

The national voice of students in the UK.

National Union of Students Wales

The national voice of students in Wales.

Open Educational Resource.

A piece of media used for the purpose of education that is made available beyond the classroom. The media could be a document, podcast, video, animation, mini website, game or other type of media.The openness implied by "Open" has many interpretations. At the very least it usually means something that can be shared freely (as in free beer) and at its most liberating, can mean used by others as is, as part of other works and even as part of another chargeable work. You will find a number of definitions at

where students learn with and from each other as fellow learners.

Doctor of Philosophy

A postgraduate academic degree awarded by universities.

Reaching Wider

Initiative aiming to increase higher education participation from groups and communities in Wales by raising aspirations, and creating new study opportunities and learning pathways.

A group of universities in Wales. Made up of Aberystwyth University, Bangor University, Cardiff University, Swansea University and the University of Glamorgan.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

The acronym is often used to refer to the study of subjects in the categories of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The formal assessment of students' work, contributing to the final result.

Technology enhanced learning

the support of learning activity through technology. Also see Gwella.

Vice Chancellor

The head / chief executive of a university.

Virtual learning environment

An education system based on the web that models real-world education by integrating virtual concepts for tests, homework etc. Common virtual learning environments are Blackboard and Moodle.

Welsh Government

The devolved Government for Wales.

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